Removals Project Timeline

If you’re planning a removals project, it’s worth finding out how long it’s going to take. Moving house can be a tricky time, so it’s important to be organised and prepared.

Every project is different. But to give you an idea of how long yours will take, here’s a typical removals project timeline.

How long will a removals project take?

Research: 1 week

The first thing you need to do when you start your removals project is research. Look into what kind of service you want – are you going to do the packing yourself? Or do you want a company to do it for you? There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

You also need to spend time researching removals companies in your area, requesting quotes and choosing the right one for you. Make sure you request quotes from several different companies, so you have plenty of prices to compare. You should also take the time to search for any online customer reviews they might have, so you can work out the level of service they offer. If you’ve found companies using our service, visit their profile pages to see their customer ratings and reviews.

Removal work: 2 hours+

Once you’ve found a company and they’re available then they can get started on your removals project. How long they will take to do the job depends on several different variables. This includes whether they’re packing up for you or not and the size and number of vehicles being used. Other variables also include how close the vehicles can get to your properties, how many possessions you have and whether any need dismantling.

Generally, if your removals company can park on your driveway and everything is packed up in advance, it will take them about an hour to fill up a large van. And once they get to your new property, if they can park on your driveway and can bring everything in straight away, it will probably take them just under an hour.

However, there are plenty of things that could make your removals project longer. Work out how long it will take to drive between your old and new properties and factor that into your calculations. You should also find out the size of your chosen company’s vehicle and how many trips they are likely to need to make to transport all your possessions. Remember that if you want them to pack up your possessions this will also take more time.

Total time: 6 days+

So your removals project will probably take at least 6 days. To get a clearer idea of how long your project is likely to take, speak to the professionals you request quotes from. If you tell them the distance you’re moving and the amount of possessions you have, they should be able to give you a more specific indication of how long your project will take.

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