Removals Price Guide

When you’re moving house, it’s important to have a sense of how much the removals process is going to cost. There are lots of hidden costs when it comes to moving home, so having a good idea of the price of removals itself can really give you peace of mind. To help, we’ve compiled a removals price guide with some example prices.

General advice

Research thoroughly

It’s important to carry out careful research before beginning your removals process. Think about the level of removals process you’re going to need. Will you need the removals company to pack up all of your items, or will you do this yourself? Will you only need the company to move the large furniture? Figuring out these details will make finding quotes for your removals project much easier.

Set a budget

Make sure you have a budget before you begin your removals process. This helps you to keep track of your costs and to avoid overspending on the removals project. With so many variables at play when you’re moving home, it’s important to keep track of everything as much as possible.


Costs for removals projects will vary depending on the amount of things that you’re moving, as well as whether or not you require the removals company to pack up your home.

Size of house Approx. cost
2 bedrooms £500-£1000
3 bedrooms £700-£1500
4 bedrooms £1000-£2000
Packing done for you £200-£500 extra

These prices reflect an average distance of moving, between 50 and 150 miles. If you are moving across the country, expect to pay around £200 to £500 more. Similarly, if you’ve got large amounts of heavy furniture or a lot of fragile valuables, expect to pay more than the prices quoted above.

When you contact removals companies to request quotes for your project, always speak to a number of pros so you can compare the quotes and pick the best price. Bear in mind that the quality of the service that you receive may vary depending on the price that you pay, so it may not always be best to simply go with the cheapest quote. Compare the quotes that you get to find the best company for your removals project.

This removals price guide should help you figure out what a good price is for your job. If you’re still trying to find removals companies, just fill in our quick online form. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 trusted removals pros in your area.