How to Pack Books Safely for Moving

If you’re worrying about how to pack books for moving, the one piece of advice we can give you is: don’t pack them in boxes as big as those in the picture on the left.

The secret to packing books safely and securely is small, strong boxes. Take a look at our tips on how to pack books so your treasured possessions keep safe in transit.

Get strong but not too big boxes

Strong boxes are vital as books are heavy. But you also don’t want them to be too big, otherwise they will be too heavy to carry.

Small boxes will carry more heavy items, believe it or not.

If you can’t find boxes, use rolling suitcases

Suitcases with rollers are good for packing books as it will stop them from feeling so heavy. Just pack them like you would in a box, and you can even use the straps to secure them.

Line the boxes with tissue or newspaper

Keep your books safe against knocks. Any book lover will know the horror of taking a book out of a box or bag and finding a page ripped or a spine bent. Line your boxes with tissue to help give them some padding.

Pack books in order of heaviest first

You’ll find them easier to carry if you pack them this way.

Always pack flat

It never makes sense to pack books up on end, whether they’re horizontal or vertical. You could end up with very bent books if you don’t pack them flat as they’ll take the weight of any books you place on top of them.

Fill gaps

If you’ve got any gaps in your boxes, fill them with things like newspaper, old clothes or towels. This keeps the books in place and stop them from getting damaged in transit.

Don’t overfill

If you overfill your boxes, they’re going to be too heavy to lift and the books could get damaged. Leave an inch at the top to avoid any problems.

Use lots of packing tape

Make sure the boxes are secured shut. There’s no harm in wrapping the tape around a few times to ensure the books are safely packed away.


If you have a system going on in your home library, it’s so important to label your boxes with the names of the authors that are in there. That way it’ll be easier to put them back in order at your new home.

Plus, labelling the boxes as containing books will help the movers know that they’re heavy and should be put on the bottom.

So now you know how to pack books safely for moving, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your precious books won’t get damaged on the journey.

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